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Where is Foshan Located

Foshan is located in China, in the Guangdong region. About 7,194,300 inhabitants live in the East Asian metropolis of millions.

Foshan is located in the northern hemisphere of the Earth, about 2564 km north of the equator at latitude 23 and about 11169 km east of the prime meridian, at the 113th longitude.


The youngest twin city of Ingolstadt in the southeast of China is the furthest away. With its approximately 7.35 million inhabitants, spread over five city districts, the city covers an area of 3,818 km2. Foshan is located in the Pearl River Delta, about 230 kilometers from Hong Kong. The district-free city belongs to Guangdong province.

Foshan has a subtropical climate with temperate winters and summers. The metropolis is characterized by high-rise buildings. But the cityscape is also loosened up by green oases and parks with water areas. The city, whose history dates back to the seventh century, has a rich historical and cultural heritage. About 1.1 million inhabitants live in the “Old Town”. The oldest preserved cultural monument is the so-called ancestral temple, which was erected in 1080. In the region around Foshan, in the early 19th century, a large number of In the twentieth century, the traditional South Chinese kung fu martial arts style of Wing chun emerged. The traditional South Chinese dragon dance and the Cantonese Opera also have their origins here.

Which part of China is Foshan?
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