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Where is Falkland Islands Located

The Falkland Islands are an island nation in the South Atlantic and are located about 400 km east of the Argentine coast. The country has a total area of 12,173 km2 and a total coastal length of 1,288 km. This landmass is about 0.8 times the size of Schleswig Holstein. The Falkland Islands are the 28th smallest country in the Americas and 164th in the world. With 0.26 inhabitants per km2, it is one of the least populated countries on Earth.

In addition to the two main islands, 776 other small islands belong to the country. The Falkland Islands have no directly adjacent neighboring countries. The distance between Berlin and the capital Stanley is approximately 13,370 km.

Where is Falkland Islands Located
Where is Falkland Islands Located

Do the Falkland Islands belong to England?
Are the Falklands British or Argentinian?
Where are the Falklands islands located?
Why does UK own Falklands?

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