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Where is Erciş Located

Erciş is a district of Van and is close to Lake Van. This district, established on a flat plain, is located in the Eastern Anatolia Region. Erciş is a central district. There is no shortage of transportation in Erciş.

The livelihoods of the people of Erciş include animal husbandry and fishing. Dec. Pearl mullet living in Lake Van also allowed the people of the district to engage in fishing. Zilan Creek also has an important place in the district. The roads and quiet streets that are empty late in the evening show that the people of the district live a regular life.

How to Get from Van to Erciş?

Visitors who want to leave Van city center and get to Erciş city center can easily reach them by using the D975 and Erciş – Van Road / D280 roads with their private vehicles, if any.
Visitors who do not have the opportunity to provide transportation by private car can make their transportation by Erciş minibuses or buses for 10 TL. Minibus or bus trips take approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Transportation to Erciş by Air
The nearest airport to Erciş is located in Van Province, 100 km away. Visitors who make transportation to Van Airport from their provinces can provide direct transportation to Erciş via the vehicles located at the inbound passenger lounge exit of the airport.

The journey to Erciş from the airport takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, and the fee that must be paid per person is 13 TL.Transportation to Erciş by Bus

Where is Erciş Located
Where is Erciş Located

It is quite easy to get to Erciş by bus services. Visitors can get to Erciş Bus Station directly from their location. Erciş Bus Station is located on average 500 meters from the city center of Erciş.Transportation to Erciş by Rail
As there is no railway station belonging to Erciş district, there is no direct railway service to Erciş.Visitors who want to get to Erciş by rail should cut tickets to the Van Train Station located in Van. Passengers disembarking at Van Railway Station should go from there by taxis or buses to Van Bus Station, which is located about 1 km away. It is also possible to get from Van Bus Station to Erciş Bus Station within 1 hour and 30 minutes for an average ticket fee of 30 TL.

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