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Where is Eminönü Located

Eminonu is located on the Dec peninsula of Istanbul and is one of the most important ports in the world. In addition, Eminönü, which is one of the first shopping centers in the world, welcomes thousands of tourists every year. Dec to get to Eminonu, which is one of the most lively points of Istanbul?

Eminonu and Sirkeci are very easy to reach from all sides. IETT Municipal Buses run to Eminonu from many parts of Istanbul. You can get to Eminonu by City lines Ferries from Kadıköy and Üsküdar, from Üsküdar again by Marmaray, from Kabataş by Bağcılar-Kabataş Tram (T1 line), from Taksim by Funicular to Kabataş and Decim to Eminonu by tram.



Galata Dec: On the bridge located between Eminonu and Karakoy and connecting the two sides of the Golden Horn, you can go fishing if you want, or eat fish bread in their beautiful restaurants.

Mısır Bazaar: The Mısır bazaar, located right next to the flower Sunday, is among the most curious places for visitors with its nostalgic atmosphere, where there are all kinds of spices, flower seeds, nuts and marshmallow varieties Dec Tahtakale, located next to the Egyptian Bazaar, is located in a commercial area where you can find all the materials you can think of, such as clothing, kitchen utensils, ornaments, at an affordable price.

Gülhane Park: It is one of the most popular parks in Istanbul with its beautiful gardens, relaxation areas, flowers and pools. You can relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city by sitting in the park that was used to grow roses in Topkapi palace during the Ottoman period.

Yeni mosque: Yeni mosque, which has a large courtyard, attracts a lot of tourists with both its architecture and interior decoration. The interior of the mosque is decorated with turquoise and white motifs and Iznik tiles.

Eminönü square: You can taste the delicious fish breads cooked by fishermen located right on the beach in Eminönü square and then you can make a tour of the bosphorus with ships departing from Eminönü beach and have a nice time.

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