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Where is Elbasan Located

Which country is Elbasan Albania?

The former industrial city of Elbasan is often left by passers-by. The city has a long history and, accordingly, a great historical heritage. In recent years, Elbasan has gained a lot in quality of life – a stay for a night or so is quite justified. As a venue for international football matches, football fans now also have a reason to visit the city.

Where is Elbasan Located
Where is Elbasan Located

Elbasan is located in central Albania on the shallow north bank of the Shkumbin River, which is an important link from Albania’s coast to the interior of the Balkans. Even today, the city is an important transport hub.

From the coastal plain the city is separated only by the low hills of the Dumreja. The small plain of Elbasan is a kind of basin, surrounded by mountains in the north, east and south, which offer beautiful excursion destinations. Beyond the Krraba Mountains in the north lies the capital Tirana.

To the west of Elbasan, the gigantic steel mill “Stahl der Partei” dominates, which occupied half of the city during communism, but with its exhaust fumes horribly polluted the surrounding area. Although the factory facilities can still be seen today, the majority of operations have been discontinued and the unbearable environmental pollution is a thing of the past.

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