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Where is Dubai Located

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What country is Dubai located at?

On the Arabian Peninsula, the emirate of Dubai is located, and it belongs to the continent of Asia. The Dubai location is very good and you can reach many well-known cities and holiday destinations within a few flight hours. That is why one of the largest aviation hubs in the world is also located there.


Where is the Emirate of Dubai actually located

If you want to spend a holiday there, you should also inquire about the location of the city. The metropolis belongs to the United Arab Emirates, which consists of a total of seven emirates. Dubai is one of them and certainly the most famous. By the way, the capital of the UAE is Abu Dhabi and tourism has also developed strongly there with many beautiful luxury hotels. Especially with tourists, the emirate is very popular because you can reach it in a good six flight hours. You can expect a year-round warm climate there. The destination airport is Dubai International Airport.

What country is Dubai located at
What country is Dubai located at

Which continent does Dubai belong to

The emirate of Dubai belongs to the continent of Asia. To be precise, to the Middle East, where countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar or Bahrain also belong, for example. Due to the oil, the Emirates became very rich and were able to come to the top of the world within a few years. There are also a lot of rich people living there. The density of millionaires is therefore very high there. Meanwhile, there are also a lot of people from Germany living there and there are many who have emigrated to the emirate. Furthermore, you can still benefit from a tax exemption.

Where is Dubai Located
Where is Dubai Located

How many hours to fly there

The metropolis is well connected to Germany and you can fly several times a day from Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf or Hamburg to Dubai International Airport. The flight time takes about six hours and then you land at the large hub of Emirates Airlines. This is the state airline of the emirate. As already mentioned, the Dubai location is excellent and you can reach half the world from there in a few flight hours. Many well-known destinations or cities can be reached quickly, such as Mauritius, Maldives, Seychelles, Singapore or Hong Kong.

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