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Where is Doha Located

The capital of Qatar is Doha (about 587,000 inhabitants), located on the Persian Gulf. It is the center of the country and the population is constantly growing. The cityscape is determined by modern buildings and skyscrapers. The architecture of Doha is impressive. Strolling along the elegant corniche is the best way to admire it. In addition to Doha’s modern skyline, however, the old tradition still plays a major role. Examples of this are the traditional camel market or the gold souk, where trading is a must. There are also around 700 mosques in the city, e.g. the Abu al-Siddiq Mosque. The origins of Doha were founded only in 1850 and only in 1916 it became the capital. At that time, however, for the protectorate of Qatar. Translated, Doha means “the bay”.

Where is Doha Located
Where is Doha Located

What country is Doha located in?

Doha in Arabic means ad-Dauha, ad-Dauha and in the dialect ad-Doha which can be translated as the bay. The name comes from the location of Doha, as Doha is located on a bay in the Persian Gulf. Doha is a lively metropolis that is rapidly catching up with the other metropolises in Arabia. The city illustrates the merging of tradition and modernity in Qatar, which is reflected above all in the architecture. The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar will be played in six stadiums in Doha.

Doha, the capital of Qatar, can be reached by flight from Germany in about 6 to 7 flight hours. It is the city with the most inhabitants in Qatar. Over 700,000 people live in Doha, which is over 50% percent of the population of Qatar. Doha is located on a bay towards the Persian Gulf and thus in the eastern part of the country. Doha is a very fast growing city, which is growing more and more together with the nearby city of Ar-Rayyan.

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