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Where is Denver Located

Which state is Denver in USA?

Colorado’s capital Denver is located on the prairie – a plain at the airy height of 1,600 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by high mountains and thus offers a really charming panorama of this huge mountain range. That’s why Denver is also the ideal springboard for the Rocky Mountains. But the city also has a lot to offer for guests – in addition to the steel and glass skyscrapers, there are also remains from that era, since Denver was a gold digger camp.

Where is Denver Located
Where is Denver Located

Denver has a long, interesting history. During the time of the great gold Rush in 1858, there was a camp for thousands of hopeful prospectors. By the end of the century, Denver was one of the most elegant cities within a radius of almost 1,000 kilometers. Today it is not only the gateway to the snowy ski regions, but also one of the most charming, lively cities in America, whose charm lies in the mixture of impressive nature and refined art.

Where is Denver, Colorado located, and why are more and more people moving to this city? Learn more about the importance of Denver’s location and learn fun facts about the Mile High City.

Denver is a city and a county in the state of Colorado. You can find them in the eastern part of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, in the South Platte River Valley.

Denver is the capital of Colorado. It belongs to the country of the United States of America.

Denver, Colorado, is located exactly at latitude 39.74 and longitude -104.99.

Denver is one of the best destinations in the USA. If you plan to visit this destination yourself, these lists of the best things to do in Denver, Colorado, and the best day trips from Denver are sure to help and inspire you!

The “queen of the prairie” is flat-chested. Denver is flat as a postage stamp, and yet its visitors can enjoy magnificent views. Because the capital of Colorado sits on a plateau at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. From the panoramic terrace under the gilded dome of the Capitol, the visitor overlooks 200 snow-capped mountain peaks against a deep blue sky.

With its many university graduates, Denver is one of the smartest cities in the USA today. The Western shirt with the practical press studs was invented here – and the cheeseburger. Nevertheless, Denver doesn’t eat bacon. Colorado is considered the “thinnest state in the USA”. The residents called “Denverites” are fitness and outdoor fanatics. The promontory is their sports ground.

Even the air is thinner here. It’s easy to get out of breath, but it’s better not to admit it. Because “Sea level is for Sissies”, as the stickers on many bumpers make clear – “Sea level is for Memmen”. The “Mile High City” rightly bears its name: the 13th level of the Capitol is exactly one mile, 1609 meters, above sea level.

In the thin air, golf balls fly ten percent further. And a beer will knock your socks off much faster. The mayor knows that. Before John Hickenlooper was elected to City Hall in 2003, he founded the local beer brewing scene. Today, around 90 home breweries, called “microbreweries”, crowd into “Lower Downtown”, Denver’s party district alone.

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