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Where is Dallas Located

Where in Texas is Dallas located?

Huge herds of cattle, oil fields, dusty prairies and much more. In Texas, where the Wild West never seems to be far away, everything seems a little bigger than elsewhere in the USA. This also applies to Dallas in the southwest of the United States. The Texan metropolis is the ninth largest city in the country and probably comes to most people’s mind when it comes to naming well-known places in the Lone Star State. And this is not only due to the cult series of the same name. Because the city in the south of the USA has countless sights to offer.

Where is Dallas Located
Where is Dallas Located

Facts, figures and figures about Dallas
State: Texas
Population: 1,345,047 (as of July 1, 2018)
Area: 997.1 sq. kmv
Population density: 1349/square kilometers
Year of foundation: 1841
Altitude difference: 131 meters
Time Zone: UTC-6/-5
Dialing code: +1 214, 972, 469
Mayor: Eric Johnson (D)

When you think of Texas, Dallas often comes to mind first, although it is neither the capital nor the largest city in the country. But the city in the extreme northeast of the state forms an economic border country: here the cotton and oil fields meet the vast prairies of West Texas.

in 1841, John Neely Bryan took possession of this area and built a lonely log cabin. He had a vision of building a trading center that would take advantage of the vastness of the country and the river. With the construction of the railroad in the mid-1870s, Dallas developed into a vibrant business location and commercial center. The influence of French, German, Swiss and English immigrants – well educated and cultured – gave Dallas a cosmopolitan flair unique in the border region. Neiman Marcus was founded here in 1907, followed by the Federal Reserve Bank in 1914, Southern Methodist University in 1915, and Dallas Love Field Airport in 1927. “Dad” Joiner came across oil at the nearby East Texas Oil Field in 1930, and the Texas Centennial Exposition was held here in 1936. Today, the city center of the economic and financial center is dominated by futuristic office skyscrapers with glass facades.

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