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Where is Cyprus Located

Cyprus was a British colony and has been an independent republic since 1969. With independence, the question arose of who should govern Cyprus in the future. About this, a fierce dispute began between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots. The dispute turned into a war, which ended in the partition of Cyprus in 1974. Since 2015, talks between representatives of both parties have been held under the mediation of the United Nations with the aim of reuniting Cyprus.

Where is Cyprus Located
Where is Cyprus Located

In total, about 800,000 people live in Cyprus. In summer, however, there are many more, because Cyprus is a popular holiday island and is visited by thousands of holidaymakers every year. There are fishing villages, rocky beaches and the Troodos mountains in the middle of the island. There are so many trees growing on the steep mountain slopes that Cyprus looks really green from the air.

Is Cyprus part of Greece or Turkey?
Where is Cyprus in Greece?
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