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Where is Curitiba Located

Curitiba is located in the southeast of Brazil, just under 400 south of São Paulo and about 110 kilometers away from the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to its economy, with numerous large and small companies, Curitiba is doing quite well compared to other Brazilian cities.

Where is Curitiba Located
Where is Curitiba Located

Life in Curitiba is also otherwise very worthwhile. For the inhabitants, the “Curibitanos”, there are plenty of parks and green areas. The best public transport in Brazil and free internet access in many places.

But the tourists were also thought of. You can stroll through the pedestrian streets of the city or take a look at the most important sights of Curitiba with the tourist bus line Linha Turismo.

Is Curitiba a rich city?
What is Curitiba Brazil known for?
What language is spoken in Curitiba?
What county is Curitiba?

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