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Where is Compton (California) Located

Compton is a city in Los Angeles County, California. It has an approximate population of 96,455 inhabitants. The postal code of Compton is 90222.

Compton, California is centrally located in the greater Los Angeles area.

Where is Compton (California) Located
Where is Compton (California) Located
Compton (California)
Compton (California)

It has easy access to major highways, airports and tourist destinations.

For this reason, it is known as the “Hub City”.

We’ll get right in front of the elephant in the room.

Compton has a history of violence and gang wars.

It has been rated as one of the most dangerous cities in the United States in the past.

It is a working-class or lower-class community that is ethnically diverse.

Compton is also home to some of the most prominent musical artists of recent decades, starting with the NWA album “Straight Outta Compton” which rapped about life on the city streets.

What is Compton known for?
What percentage of Compton is black?
Is Compton different from LA?
Is Compton a violent city?

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