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Where is Coimbatore Located

Coimbatore, one of the fastest growing cities in the country, is located in the south of India. Mechanical engineering and the textile industry are well developed here. The city is one of the largest knitwear manufacturers in the world, not surprisingly, it is called the “Manchester of South India”.

Where is Coimbatore Located
Where is Coimbatore Located

The beautiful location, surrounded by the forested mountain ranges of the Western Ghats on the north and west sides and the proximity of the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve, ensured a mild, even healing climate. In the hot summer, the weather is always favorable, and several lakes and the Noyyal River flow through the city. Coimbatore has several higher education institutions, and an international airport is located 17 km from its central part. You definitely need to see the Hindu Perur Pateeswarar temple, also go to the Kovai Kutralam waterfalls and the Anamalai reserve.

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Is Coimbatore a part of Kerala?
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Is Coimbatore a city in India?

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