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Where is Cockburn Town Located

The city is located on Grand Turk. The capital of the archipelago is a small picturesque town surrounded by salt flats. The houses are whitewashed or made of wood in the colors of the surrounding nature. Small stone walls protect them from wild donkeys. The administrative buildings and most of the activities are concentrated on Front Street and Pond Street. Visit Turks and Caicos National Museum on the corner of Front Street and Murphy Alley. It includes a collection of various items from the history of the island (stamps, castles, cannons, beds). The areas dedicated to salt extraction and the underwater world are very interesting.

Cockburn Town
Cockburn Town

What country is Cockburn Town in?
What island is Cockburn on?
Is Cockburn Town worth visiting?
How do I get from Turks and Caicos to Cockburn Town?

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