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Where is City of Westminster Located

The City of Westminster is one of 32 London boroughs. It is located to the west of the historic Old Town on the River Thames. By far the largest part of the City of Westminster consists of the historic city of Westminster, and since 1965 St. Marylebone and Paddington have also been part of the borough. The City of Westminster is home to many of the city’s tourist highlights, including Buckingham Palace, the Palace of Westminster (the Parliament), Big Ben, St. James’s Palace, Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral.

Where is City of Westminster Located
Where is City of Westminster Located
City of Westminster
City of Westminster

Even the most famous parks of London are at least partly located in the City of Westminster: Hydepark, St. James’s Park, Regents` Park and Kensington Gardens as well as the Greenpark. The famous Speakers Corner is located in the City of Westminster, as is Thyburn Shrine, where the London Gallows once stood. But also the National Gallery, the Tate Gallery, the Royal Opera House, the Wax Museum of Madame Tussauds and the Sherlock Holmes Museum are located in this district. One of the most famous neighborhoods in the City of Westminster district is Soho and especially the southern part known as Chinatown. Soho is an interesting and diverse mix of different cultures. It’s colourful and multicultural here and probably the most unconventional inhabitants of London live here.

Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Parliament buildings, Westminster Abbey, many of the most famous sights of the British capital can be found in the City of Westminster. The tradition and history of the Empire meet the visitor here at every turn.

All the places that are of great importance for the British self-image are located in the center of the City of Westminster, whose beginnings date back to the 7th century AD. The origin of this district is Westminster Abbey. As a centre of spiritual as well as political power, the area around the old abbey has played an important role for 1000 years. Even today, the English kings are crowned in the abbey.

Westminster forms the western part of central London. While people work in the city, politics and culture are at home in Westminster. This centuries-old division of tasks between the city districts can still be found everywhere today, although the country’s elite is no longer among themselves here. Meanwhile, the upper class has accepted the members of the glorious working class of London as neighbors in their social housing. Of tourist importance, however, are not so much the extensive residential areas of the workers, but rather the numerous historical sights that Westminster has to offer.

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