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Where is Cincinnati Located

Visit first-class museums or a sporting event
The beautiful metropolis of Cincinnati was founded back in 1788 and is located in the state of Ohio on the north bank of the Ohio River. The city offers first-class museums, numerous restaurants, as well as shopping and sporting events. One of the most famous landmarks of the city is the Roebling Suspension Bridge. The two stadiums “Great American Ball Park” and “Paul Brown Stadium” are located on the right and left of the Roebling Bridge, respectively. If you are traveling with children, the Coney Island amusement park is recommended. Or take a detour to the Children’s Museum or Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, where you can admire over 3000 plant species and well over 500 animal species. A boat or canoe trip along the Ohio River is also an attractive adventure.

Where is Cincinnati Located
Where is Cincinnati Located

Where in America is Cincinnati?

It’s a pity that Cincinnati is not one of those cities in the USA that are particularly popular with tourists. “The Queen City”, as the city calls itself, would be an ideal starting point for travelers who really want to immerse themselves in life in the USA and want to discover the Americans in their very own attitude to life.

With around 300,000 inhabitants, the city is manageable enough to be able to get at least a good first impression in a few days. But as part of a metropolitan region with over two million people, Cincinnati is also big enough to boast truly American dimensions.

Is Cincinnati in Ohio or Kentucky?
What is Cincinnati famous for?
Is Cincinnati in 2 states?

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