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Where is Chongqing Located

Over 30 million inhabitants:inside & buildings in XXL format: We show you Chongqing in southwest China, the largest city in the world. Find out what life looks like in the megacity. You thought Tokyo was the biggest city? Read more here!

The most important thing about Chongqing – the largest city in the world
As big as Austria and more inhabitants than Malaysia: Around 32 million people live on about 82,000 square kilometers in Chongqing in southwestern China.

Where is Chongqing Located
Where is Chongqing Located

The mega-metropolis is growing and growing: around 500,000 people move in every year. If this continues, Tokyo will soon be dethroned as the most populous city (38 million).

Rapid change: Hardly any building is older than 30 years – even though the city has a thousand-year-old history.

In the streets, on the other hand, things are progressing slowly: drivers are stuck in traffic jams here for an average of 212 hours a year (about twice as long as in Berlin).

In-house production of passenger cars: The Chongqing Changan Automobile Company from Chongqing has been producing small commercial vehicles since 1982 and passenger cars since 1990.

Animal: The Chinese Chongqing Dog is a breed of dog whose origins were probably in Chongqing about 2,000 years ago.

Hot as hell: The famous Chongqing Hot Pot has its origins in Chongqing. The Chinese specialty is a local delicacy that gets its sharpness with a lot of Sichuan pepper and spices.

When Jia Congcai left his village to seek happiness in the city, Chongqing, the city, resembled another village. Hardly a house was higher than a floor, chickens pecked in the alleys, cars were so rare that they were attacked like spaceships. Jia Congcai, who was young, found work and a bed, he slept and toiled and watched the city grow. The houses got higher and higher, the chickens disappeared along with the alleys, soon no one saw the cars behind, there had become too many. At some point, Jia Congcai did not realize it, although he had contributed to it himself, at some point Chongqing, located on the banks of the Yangtze and in the middle of China, had grown into the largest city in the world.

Which part of China is Chongqing?
What’s Chongqing famous for?
Is Chongqing the biggest city in China?
Is Chongqing China a real place?

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