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Where is Chile Located

What country is Chile located in?

Chile is located in South America. Like a long narrow band, it occupies the south-west of the continent. In the north of the country there are deserts, in the middle there is a Mediterranean climate (that is, similar to the Mediterranean), and in the temperate and damp-cold south of Chile there are even glaciers! Through the country runs the Andes, the mountain range that runs through the whole of South America.

Where is Chile Located
Where is Chile Located

To the west is the Pacific Ocean. Chile has a very long coastline here. The country stretches 4,300 kilometres from north to south. That’s as far as from Denmark to the Sahara of Africa! Chile, on the other hand, is only 180 kilometers wide in some places and a maximum of 440 kilometers.

Chile has a rather short land border with Peru, a slightly longer one with Bolivia and a very, very long one with Argentina. Chile has also claimed part of Antarctica since 1940. However, this claim is not recognized internationally.

There are several interpretations of what the name Chile means. In any case, he has nothing to do with the chili pepper. The name probably comes from the Aymara language. This indigenous people still lives today in the border area of Bolivia, Peru and Chile. In their language, chili means: land where the world has come to an end.

The Atacama Desert
In the north of Chile lies the Atacama Desert, which continues to Peru. It is about 1200 kilometers long and stretches over the mountains and the Central Valley. The Atacama Desert is one of the driest areas on Earth. In the daytime it can be 30 degrees hot, and at night the temperature drops to minus 15 degrees …brr! There are several salt lakes in the desert, the largest of which is the Salar de Atamaca.

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