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Where is Chemnitz Located

Chemnitz is located in the southwest of the Free State of Saxony and is the third largest city in the state. Chemnitz borders on the northern edge of the Erzgebirge in the Erzgebirge Basin. Chemnitz is also part of the metropolitan region of Central Germany. The city is framed by the foothills of the Ore Mountains in the south and by the heights of the Central Saxon Highlands in the north.

North latitude: 50° 50′ 03″
East Longitude: 12° 55′ 16″
Height (Stadtmitte Markt): 297 m above sea level
Lowest point: Wittgensdorf: 267 m above sea level
Highest point: Klaffenbach: 523 m above sea level
Total area of the city: 22,085 ha
Building and open space: 5,049 ha
Agricultural area: 10,057 ha

Where is Chemnitz Located
Where is Chemnitz Located

Which part of Germany is Chemnitz?
What is Chemnitz Germany famous for?
Is Chemnitz worth a visit?
How big is Chemnitz?

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