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Where is Changzhou Located

The ancient city of Changzhou is located in the east of China, in Jiangsu Province, on the banks of the Yangtze River. These lands were known long before the Common era – in the period of spring and autumn they were called Yangling. Many architectural monuments have been preserved to this day, which perfectly reflect the culture of the local population and the history of the region in different eras.

Where is Changzhou Located
Where is Changzhou Located

The most valuable is the Tianning Buddhist Temple. This is the largest wooden building in the world – its height is more than 153 meters. On the last 13. There is a unique statue of Buddha made of rock crystal and a 30-ton bell, the ringing of which you can hear for several kilometers. Tourists will also be interested to visit the city parks – they are in Changzhou for every taste. The most visited are the small and cozy Dongpo Park, the majestic Hongmei Park and the China Dinosaurs Park.

Is Changzhou a city in China?
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