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Where is Carabanchel Located

It is one of the most well-known and most traditional districts of the city, since the San Isidro festivities, the most important in Madrid, are celebrated in the San Isidro Meadow.

Where is Carabanchel Located
Where is Carabanchel Located

Its population is over 250,000 inhabitants, according to the 2012 census, being one of the most populated districts of the capital of Spain, Carabanchel is in a kind of city within the city of Madrid itself. Its population is higher than that of the most populous municipality in the Community of Madrid except, of course, the city of Madrid itself,

It is located between the M-30, the M-40, the A-42 and the Via Carpetana, very close to the city center, and very well connected by public transport. It is bordered to the north by the Manzanares River, its natural border, and the Arganzuela district; to the south, by the neighboring town of Leganés; to the east, by the Usera district; and to the west, by the Latina district.

Today we understand by Carabanchel Alto a territory that would coincide with the neighborhood nº 116 Buenavista, of the district nº 11 Carabanchel of the municipality of Madrid. This neighborhood has an approximate extension of 569.36 Ha. and the following limits:

To the North it borders the neighborhoods of Vista Alegre, Puerta Bonita and Abrantes (all from Carabanchel Bajo) along Avenida de los Poblados.

To the south with the municipality of Leganés through the M40 motorway.

To the east with the district of Usera by the Toledo highway (N-401).

And finally, to the west with the neighborhoods of Las Águilas and Cuatro Vientos of the Latina district by the Park and Camino de Las Cruces and the La Fortuna Highway. But this delimitation has not always been so. In fact it is very recent, it comes from the division into districts of the municipality of Madrid of 1970 slightly rectified as regards Carabanchel in 1988. Before the incorporation of Carabanchel Alto to Madrid, its municipal area was considerably wider, occupying an area of 2479.31 Ha. This means that the previous municipality was 4.35 times larger than the current neighborhood of Buenavista and twice as large as, for example, the municipality of Carabanchel Bajo which had an extension of 1254.32 Ha.

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