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Where is Cali Located

In the western part of the Andes of Colombia there is a department that also has several interesting places and sights to offer for unique trips to Colombia: Valle de Cauca. The capital of this region is Cali. After Bogotá and Medellín, Calí is one of the most populous cities in Colombia and is one of the major economic centers, especially due to the many sugar cane refineries.

Where is Cali Located
Where is Cali Located

The church “Iglesia la Ermita– – a masterpiece of Moorish architecture and a landmark of the city
Numerous museums, churches, parks, green areas, restaurants and bars
Botanical Garden – A unique variety of plants
Calí Zoo – Probably the best zoo in Colombia
Breathtaking, fantastic views over Calí from the hills that surround the city

However, the real reason why many people visit Calí is certainly the Feria de Calí, one of the largest salsa festivals in the world in December. You don’t know if salsa music originated here, but you know for sure that it has found its home here and is celebrated most exuberantly. At every corner, in every house and at any time of the day, the rhythmic sounds sound in the city.

Calís surroundings
In the area of Calí you should look at some of the elegant haciendas or visit the pilgrimage site Buga with its “Basílica del Señor de los Milagros”. Nearby you can also make an excursion to the dry forest “El Vínculo”, which has a diverse flora to offer.

Good to know: Calí used to be one of the most important cities for drug trafficking. This is where the drug cartel of Calí originated, similar to the one in Medellín. However, this was also destroyed and the city is now much quieter, safer and shines in a whole new splendor. However, you should be more careful during excursions in the area and inform yourself in advance about the current security situation.

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