Where is Caguas (Puerto Rico) Located - Where Located

Where is Caguas (Puerto Rico) Located

What country is Caguas Puerto Rico?

Caguas is known as the “City of Turabo” because it extends through the Turabo Valley. The famous “Creole city” or “heart of Boriquén”. The patron saint’s festivities are celebrated around December 24th in honor of the Sweet Name of Jesus.

Caguas (Puerto Rico)
Caguas (Puerto Rico)
Where is Caguas (Puerto Rico) Located
Where is Caguas (Puerto Rico) Located

This municipality is located in the center-east of the island and corresponds to the subregion called the Interior Valley of Caguas, better known as the Turabo Valley. It is bordered to the north by San Juan and Trujillo Alto; to the south by Cayey and San Lorenzo; to the east by Gurabo and San Lorenzo and to the west by Aguas Buenas, Cidra and Cayey.

The climate of this valley is humid tropical. However, it rains less than in the valleys of the eastern coast. Still, its soils are fertile and deep.

The flag of Caguas was adopted in 1960.

The representative colors are blue and gold. The cross represents the Cross of San Sebastián, because it was the first Crisitan village that was established in the Turabo Valley, next to the hermitage of San Sebastián del Barrero. It was called barrero, because of the excellent quality of the clay that was found there.

The pineapples symbolize the village Dulce Nombre de Jesús del Piñal, whose neighbors founded the Village of Caguas in 1775.incorporated as a village in 1779, named villa 1820 and titled city in 1894.

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