Where is Braunschweig Located - Where Located

Where is Braunschweig Located

What state is Braunschweig in Germany?

The city of Braunschweig is located on the A2 and A39 motorways in Lower Saxony. The exact location of Braunschweig on the map of Germany as well as a city map, hotels and more information about Braunschweig can be found here.

Where is Braunschweig Located
Where is Braunschweig Located

Geographical location:

(In the middle of the Andreas church tower)

52° 16’ 09” north latitude
10° 31’ 16” east longitude
Residents on 31.12.2019:

251 551 (Source: Registration register)
Area of the urban area:

192 km2

North-South: 19.1 km
East-West: 15.7 km
Highest point:

Geitelder Berg, 111 m above sea level

Is Braunschweig the same as Brunswick?
Which city is Braunschweig?
What is Braunschweig known for?

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