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Where is Bolivia Located

Bolivia is located in the western part of South America in the Southern hemisphere. The country is bordered by Peru to the northwest and Chile to the southwest. Brazil is to the northeast, Paraguay and Argentina are to the southeast. Bolivia has no access to the sea. In all of South America, only Bolivia and Paraguay are such landlocked states. One can distinguish two large landscapes in Bolivia: in the west are the mountains of the Andes, in the east are the lowlands.

Where is Bolivia Located
Where is Bolivia Located

The Andes, the great mountain range that runs through all of South America, also runs through Bolivia. They form a western and an eastern mountain range with peaks of more than 6000 meters in height. The highest mountain in Bolivia is the Sajama with a height of 6542 meters.

In between there is a wide plateau. So it is quite flat here, but this level is very high. This plateau is also called the Altiplano. In the Altiplano of Bolivia (as in the neighboring state of Peru) most people live, about 60 percent of the inhabitants. This is where the climate is most pleasant. In the Andes, the more it goes up, the cooler it gets, and in the lowlands it is tropical-hot.

The eastern slope of the Andes is joined by a low mountainous country. It forms the transition to the lowland in the east. In the valleys between the Andes and this mountainous country, forests are located at altitudes from 1200 to 1800 meters. Northeast of La Paz, these valleys are called Yungas. These valleys are very fertile and so coffee and fruit as well as coca bushes are grown here.

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