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Where is Bhopal Located

Bhopal is located in India. It is positioned in “Asia/Kolkata” time zone (GMT+5:30) with current time of 13:09, Thursday (time difference from your time zone: 2.5 hour). Bhopal is the seat of the first order administrative division in Madhya Pradesh in Bhopāl with a population of ∼1.6 million.

Where is Bhopal Located
Where is Bhopal Located

With its 1599914 inhabitants, the city is on the 16th place in India.
Bhopāl is located at an altitude of 487 meters above sea level. The seat of government or part of it is located in Bhopāl – however, Bhopāl is not the official capital.
The following alternative spellings of the city Bhopāl are known to us: Bhopal, Bhopalas, Bkhopal, Бхопал, भोपाल, भोपाळ, ভোপাল, போபால், ボパール, ボーパール, 博帕尔.
Location of the city of Bhopal:
Coordinates: 23° 16 0 N, 77° 24 0 O in degrees, minutes, seconds
Latitude in decimal notation: 23.2666667
Longitude in decimal notation: 77.4

What is Bhopal famous for?
What is the old name of Bhopal?
Which language is spoken in Bhopal?
What language do Madhya Pradesh speak?

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