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Where is Bermuda Located

Where are the Bermudas?

Bermuda is an isolated island nation in the Atlantic Ocean. Often they are mistakenly attributed to the Caribbean. However, Bermuda is located 1238 km southeast of New York and 1646 km northeast of Miami. The Bahamas is about 1480 km as the crow flies.

Where is Bermuda Located
Where is Bermuda Located

Thus, the Bermudas are about two hours away from the Caribbean by plane. Since cruise ships sail to the Caribbean from Miami or New York, the Bermuda Islands are also served on some routes. And where exactly is Bermuda located? The famous flagpole on Front Street in Hamilton is located at latitude 32.292357 and longitude -64.784049. In addition, Bermuda is the namesake for the Bermuda Triangle, which is located between San Juan (Puerto Rico), Miami (Florida) and Bermuda.

Bermuda is a British overseas territory in the North Atlantic and belongs to the Commonwealth. The largest of the over 300 islands and coral rocks is Grand Bermuda, followed by Somerset Island to the northwest and St. Georges Island to the northeast. These larger islands of Bermuda are all connected by bridges. Only about 20 of the islands are inhabited at all. The three main roads North Road, Middle Road and South Road make it easy to explore Bermuda. Bermuda is divided into the nine districts of Sandys, Southampton, Warwick, Paget, Pembroke, Devonshire, Smith’s, Hamilton and St. George’s. They share an area of only 53.3 km2. The population is currently around 62,006 (as of 2021). The capital is Hamilton. Bermuda is surrounded by coral reefs, which used to provide natural protection from intruders. Today, the coral reefs offer the best conditions for snorkeling or for unforgettable dives. By the way, the Bermuda Archipelago is located on the top of a volcano that is probably over 100 million years old. A good reason for locals to have a drink or two more times.

Is Bermuda part of USA?
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