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Where is Bari Located

Bari is located on the picturesque Adriatic Sea and, thanks to its long trading tradition, is also called the gateway to the Orient. If you are looking for the real Italian flair, Bari is just the right place and you will find the dolce vita combined with the culinary diversity of the Italian south. Around Bari, wonderful beaches and picturesque small coastal towns invite you to a carefree holiday.

Where is Bari Located
Where is Bari Located

The old town of Bari rises like a corner into the Adriatic Sea. In the beautiful old town you will find the colorful life and the magic of the medieval cosiness that Bari has preserved. There is a real Italian zest for life in the narrow streets. You can buy souvenirs for tourists, but also watch the typical fruit sellers and the Nonna in front of her house, who with skillful hands shapes the pasta specialty of Puglia, the orecchiette.

The historic old town of Bari is located directly on the sea and from the city center you can walk to the beautiful beach on the Adriatic Sea. Bari is a berth for cruise ships and from Bari there are regular ferries across the Adriatic to Croatia and Albania.

Already in ancient times Bari was an important port. Here ended the Via Appia Traiana, a Roman road built under Emperor Traian. An original piece of the Via Appia can still be seen in Piazza del Ferrarese.

The university city of Bari is located in the middle of the north-south axis of the Puglia region, right by the sea, with the largest port in southern Italy. About fifty kilometers to the south is the village of Monopoli, at the same distance to the west Altamura and about 70 kilometers to the north Foggia.

The history of Bari:
The city was first settled 4000 years ago, but it was only through the Greeks that it really found its way into history. They settled the city under the name Barion in the third century BC and immediately lost it to the Romans, under which it was called Barium. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the region around Bari passed to the Teutons and the city became part of their empire, until the Saracens conquered the city in 840 and were chased away by the Byzantine Empire 30 years later. Already 130 years later, the Arabs tried to conquer the city again, but once again lost it to the Byzantines, who were ultimately able to hold it for only a short time.

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