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Where is Australia Located

Australia is the only state on Earth that covers an entire continent. Australia is the smallest of the continents of the Earth and accounts for most of the land mass of Oceania. Its greatest east-west distance is about 4500 km, the north-south extent is about 3600 km.

The geological construction of Australia is simple, because it includes only three large areas: the Western Australian Table Land, the Central Australian Depression and the Eastern Australian Highlands. Australia is the driest continent on Earth. The amount of precipitation decreases towards the interior of the continent. In the center, deserts and semi-deserts characterize the landscape.


The population density is 2.5./km2 very low. Traditionally, agriculture, especially sheep and cattle breeding, is the most important industry in Australia. The mining sector is becoming increasingly important due to the export of raw materials.

The Aborigines, the indigenous inhabitants of the country, have been persecuted and almost exterminated since the settlement by the Europeans. A policy of reparation seeks to integrate them into the social structure of the country.

Where is Australia Located
Where is Australia Located

With an area of 7.7 million km2, Australia is the smallest of the continents on Earth and covers most of the land mass of Oceania. The state of Australia includes the southern island of Tasmania and a large number of other islands.

Australia extends on both sides of the southern tropic approximately between 10 ° N. B. and 40 ° S. B. Its largest east-west extent is about 4500 km, the largest north-south distance is 3600 km.

The largest city is called Sydney. She is famous for her opera house, which looks like an unfolded shell. The capital of Australia is Canberra and has a good 400,000 inhabitants. The Prime Minister governs from there – democratically elected – the Prime Minister. The Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II, is the head of state of Australia. After all, although the country has been independent since 1901, it is still a monarchy. By the way: the capital Canberra was planned by an architect. In terms of size and importance, Melbourne or Sydney should have been the capital. But since it was not possible to agree on one of the cities, Canberra was created.

The English navigator James Cook landed in Australia with his sailing ship in 1770 and took possession of the newly discovered continent for England. The first European immigrants called the population living there – as they still do today – “Aborigines”, that is, “aborigines”. The original Australians had neither villages nor other permanent settlements. They moved, nomads alike, across the country. Their ethnic group, which is divided into different tribes with different languages, today numbers about half a million people.

The most famous animals in the country include kangaroos, koalas and the ratites emus. But there are also crocodiles, dingoes and many other animals that you will not find with us. The landscape of Australia is also very diverse: the famous coral reef “Great Barrier Reef” off the northeast coast, inland desert with the famous red rocky hill “Uluru”, which is also called “Ayers Rock”, swamps, eucalyptus forests and steppes. The unique nature is certainly one of the reasons why Australia is a very popular immigration country and attracts many holidaymakers every year.

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