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Where is Austin Located

Where in USA is Austin?

Austin is the capital of the U.S. state of Texas. With its approximately 951,000 inhabitants, it is the fourth largest Texan city. Austin is located on the Colorado River. Initially existing in 1835 under the name Waterloo, but in 1838 Austin was renamed in honor of Stephen F. Austin, the founder of the then independent Texas.

Where is Austin Located
Where is Austin Located

Austin has been the capital of Texas since 1839. The economy is determined by several world companies of the IT industry. Therefore, Austin is also called “Silicon Hills”, in reference to Silicon Valley and in allusion to the hilly landscape.

The University of Texas is located in Austin. With about 50,950 students on campus, it is one of the largest universities in the United States and is one of the best public schools in the country. In addition, many smaller private universities are located in Austin.

The surrounding area of Austin is characterized by many rivers and lakes as well as a green landscape almost all year round. Directly in the city, the Town Lake is stretched directly to the city center. Lake Austin is much larger.

West of Austin is Hill County. The approximately 100 meter high hills of this area, mainly covered by green low trees, are only very sparsely populated, and are considered one of the most beautiful areas in Texas.

Austin may not be the largest city in Texas, but it is the capital of this iconic US state. For this reason alone, it is worth visiting them.

It is simply exciting to encounter German customs and traditions that have been preserved here for centuries, but of course have also changed at the same time. But also for all those who like to leave the customs and customs of home behind on vacation, Austin is an interesting destination. The city is young, prosperous, educated, cultured and – as she herself postulates in her nickname – “will”. Loosely translated, this means that Austin is refreshingly different from the rest of Texas. It’s fun to see for yourself. The penchant for size and over-dimensionality is also evident from time to time in the capital of Texas, Austin.

But apart from that, the city presents itself quite tame. It is super well maintained, it offers a lot of culture and it pampers residents and visitors alike with a very high quality of life.

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