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Where is Athens Located

Which country is Athens located in?

Athens is the capital of Greece and is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Already about 7,000 years ago, the area was settled in the Attic plain and is today the center of Greece both from a cultural and economic point of view. Athens experienced its heyday with the construction of the Acropolis in the 5th century BC.


This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At that time, monumental buildings and sculptures were created by artists such as Iktinos and Polygnot, the anthropological philosophy of Plato and Aristotle and probably the first democracy in world history. Due to its historical background, Athens has a lot to offer in terms of culture and was named the first European Capital of Culture in 1985. The port of Athens is Piraeus and is already around 2,500 years old. Piraeus is considered the third largest port in the world.

Which country is Athens located in
Which country is Athens located in
Where is Athens Located
Where is Athens Located

As Greece’s capital, Athens is not only the center of political life, but is also home to some of the country’s most important tourist attractions. In addition to the famous Acropolis and numerous archaeological sites, many culinary highlights and shopping opportunities also attract numerous visitors.

The Greek capital Athens is the economic, administrative and financial center of the country. With the most important port of Greece, Piraeus, Athens forms an ever-growing conurbation. The city is a tourist magnet with its important ancient sites such as the Acropolis and the Greek National Museum. Athens is considered the cradle of democracy and in ancient times was one of the centers of power in the world.

The capital of Greece has around 655,000 inhabitants – almost 4 million people live in the metropolitan area including the port city of Piraeus. Athens is located in the historical Attica countryside, 5 km from the sea. The city is crossed by the Turkish Mountains, up to 338 m high, which, in addition to the Lycabettus, also include the Acropolis with the famous temples. Athens is surrounded by the mountains Hymettos, Pentelikon, Parnes and Aegaleos.

The lively business and commercial city is, together with Piraeus, the most important financial and economic center of Greece. Above all, textile companies, chemical plants, oil refineries and shipyards are located here.

Where in Greece is Athens?
Is Athens in Greece or Italy?
Is Athens in Greece or Rome?

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