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Where is Arlington Located

Arlington is located in the state of Virginia, has about 200,000 inhabitants and is therefore almost as big as Aachen. The city is directly adjacent to the capital Washington, with the Potomac River forming the natural border.

Where is Arlington Located
Where is Arlington Located

Interesting is the curious history of the origin of the city. When the Americans agreed on Washington as the capital in 1800, it was stipulated that the city had to remain neutral; it could not be located on the territory of an existing state. Thus, an area of ten by ten miles was arbitrarily staked out on the banks of the Potomac.

Over time, it was found that the new capital did not need so much space and sold the part that was not needed to the state of Virginia in 1847. This part, from the Potomac to the edge of the ten-mile zone, is the current area of the city of Arlington.

When the Pentagon was to be built in Washington some 100 years later, the city fathers noted with regret that there was not enough space. Thus, the headquarters of the US Department of Defense was built in Arlington. Our twin city was probably very pleased about 20,000 new jobs.

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