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Where is Angola Located

Angola is located in the south-west of Africa and is quite large. With 1,246,700 square kilometers, it is the seventh largest country on the African continent. Germany would fit in about three and a half times!

The west of Angola is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the north by the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo – these are two different countries, even if they bear almost the same name. To the east is Zambia, and to the south is Namibia.

Where is Angola Located
Where is Angola Located

Angola also has an exclave. Cabinda is a small province located north of the country, between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo, right on the Atlantic Ocean. You can discover them on the map far to the northwest.

If you look at Angola on the map, you can see the long coastline of 1600 kilometers. The coast is adjoined by a lowland with a width of up to 150 kilometers. To the south is the Namib Desert.

The country rises towards the east, i.e. away from the coast, further up to a highland, the highland of Bié, which occupies most of the area of Angola. You can find that on the satellite map pretty much in the middle. In the west of it, in the midst of other high mountains, there is also the highest mountain in the country, the Morro de Moco, which is 2619 meters high.

In the east of the country, the dry savannah is the determining factor. In addition to the coasts, the savannas primarily determine the country. And in the very south, the country turns into a desert landscape that stretches to the north of Namibia. It is best to click on the map once and enlarge it.

The longest river in the country is the Kunene with a total of 1200 kilometers in Angola and Namibia. It originates in the mountain massif, which also contains the highest mountain in Angola. The Cuanza also originates here. It is 965 kilometers long and flows into the sea near Luanda. Another well-known African river, the Okavango, also comes from the highlands in Angola. However, it still bears the name Cubango here. This river does not flow into the sea, like most rivers, but eventually seeps into the Botswana deserts.

Mussulo is the name of a long and narrow peninsula off the coast near Luanda. The major cities of Angola are also located on the coast. In addition to the capital Luanda, these are Benguela and Lobito.

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