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Where is Algeria Located

Algeria is located in North Africa. Together with Morocco and Tunisia, it is one of the Maghreb states. “Maghreb” is Arabic and means “West”. After all, these three countries are located in the west of North Africa.


Algeria is the largest country in Africa. According to residents, it ranks eighth. The country is named after its capital Algiers. This originally means “the islands” and refers to the four islands on which Algiers was originally founded.

Where is Algeria Located
Where is Algeria Located

In the north, Algeria is located on the Mediterranean Sea. There are land borders with Tunisia, Libya, Niger, Mali, Mauritania and Morocco as well as with the Western Sahara claimed by Morocco.

Algeria’s coast is located on the Mediterranean Sea. This is rather narrow and rich in bays. An elongated mountain range runs in the north along the coastal region. It belongs to the Atlas Mountains and consists of two mountain ranges in Algeria: the Tell Atlas and the Sahara Atlas. They come to altitudes up to 2300 meters.

Between the two lies the highlands of the Schotts. With a maximum altitude of 1000 meters, it is lower than the surrounding mountain ranges. It is named after its salt lakes, which dry up in the summer. These are called bulkheads.

Desert and Hoggar to the south
Most of Algeria, namely the middle and the south, is located in the Sahara Desert. In total, 85 percent of the country’s area is located in the desert. Few people live here. There are areas with sand dunes, but also stone and rocky deserts (hammadas). In the southeast rises a mountain range. It is called Ahaggar or Hoggar. The mountains were formed from volcanoes.

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