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Where is Ahmedabad Located

Ahmedabad (also spelled Ahmadabad) is the sixth largest city in India.
Although the metropolis is the commercial center in the state of Gujarat, the capital Gandhinagar is located about 30km further north.

Where is Ahmedabad Located
Where is Ahmedabad Located

Gujarati is mainly spoken in Ahmedabad, but most people also understand Hindi or English.

Due to the climatic conditions, we recommend not to visit the city in the hot summer, from mid-March to mid-June. The thermometer often climbs above the 40 ° C mark in the summer months. It is much cooler in winter, then you can also enjoy a visit to one of the numerous outdoor restaurants better.

Sightseeing in and around Ahmedabad
There are several historical monuments, mosques, museums and art galleries to discover.

The former house of Mahatma Gandhi, the Gandhi Aashram is located near Vadaj on a quiet section of the Sabarmati River. From here the famous
“Dandi March” in 1930 as a protest against the salt tax of the British colonial rulers.

You can also visit the unique mosque of Sidi Sayed or Sidi Sayed Mosque, which was built of yellow stone. Be amazed by the 10 semicircular double-stone windows of the mosque, a testimony of ancient craftsmanship.

The royal fortress Bhadra Fort, built by Ahmed Shah (founder of the city), radiates a special charm with its magnificent palaces and gardens. At the eastern end of the fortress are the famous Teen Darwaza (three gates) with elaborately carved and arched structures.

Akshardham Gandhinagar is one of the largest temples in the Indian state of Gujarat. The temple complex combines prayers, art, architecture, education, research and exhibitions in one place. You can find the temple in the nearby capital Gandhinagar. Former US President Bill Clinton says: “Akshardham is not only a unique place in India, but unique in the whole world”. The complex is extremely popular among tourists in Gujarat.

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