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Where is Abu Dhabi Located

What country is Abu Dhabi located in?

Abu Dhabi? Where is that? A question that comes up again and again, at the latest when the annual F1 Grand Prix takes place or once again a new attraction is opened in the desert city.

Where is Abu Dhabi Located
Where is Abu Dhabi Located
Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the second largest city in the UAE after the well-known world metropolis Dubai. The center of the city with about 1.4million inhabitants is located on a 70km2 island in the middle of a protected mangrove belt.

The UAE, in turn, is located on the Arabian Peninsula directly on the Arabian (Persian) Gulf, east of Saudi Arabia, with which it is mistakenly often confused. In contrast to Dubai, which is 140km away, Abu Dhabi looks almost like a small town, but on closer inspection it is an absolute gem in the Arab world.

The capital of the UAE combines Arab hospitality with a modern lifestyle. Attractions such as the Ferrari World, the Great White Mosque or the Louvre leave holidaymakers only amazed. And these are just some of the highlights in Abu Dhabi.

The Corniche is located directly on the sea with various beaches, restaurants, hotels such as the famous Emirates Palace Hotel and, at the end of the Corniche Promenade, the impressive Presidential Palace.

Since 2003, the corniche has been expanded and beautiful beaches have been created. At the northern end of the corniche there is a strip 1 km wide and 5 km long, which can be considered the center of Abu Dhabi due to its dense buildings and beauty. We recommend all visitors to take a walk on the Corniche or rent one of the bicycles that are available for rent at several bike stations.

The walking time from one end of the Corniche, starting point Mina Dhow port, to the other end, the flag on the breakwater, is about 3-4 hours or about 40 minutes by bike, depending on the speed. Or you can just walk from the Emirates Palace Hotel to the new Al Bahar beach promenade and drink a coffee or fresh smoothie with a sea view.

The Corniche is definitely the most popular place for visitors to Abu Dhabi, as you can admire the city with its impressive skyline with bright blue sky, turquoise water and white sandy beaches. Most of the bus stops are also located here.

Is Abu Dhabi in Dubai?
Is Abu Dhabi a country or city?
Is Abu Dhabi in Asia or Africa?

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