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Where is A Coruña Located

A Coruña is located on the Atlantic Ocean and is a city whose history is closely connected with its old fishing and trading port.

The peninsula on which the old town is located, in addition to the Torre de Hércules lighthouse, which is one of the symbols of the city, houses an interesting Romanesque road network with squares and medieval churches.

Where is A Coruña Located
Where is A Coruña Located
A Coruña
A Coruña

The Galician city of A Coruña (Spanish La Coruña) is one of the Spanish cities by the sea that offers a combination of a big city and a beach without the feeling of getting into a tourist hustle and bustle. A Coruña is one of the top destinations for a city break in Galicia.

Where to stay in A Coruña
A Coruña, given its long history, is an ancient city. One of the symbols of the city, the legendary 59-meter-high Torre de Hércules, has maintained its place since the 1st century at the tip of the peninsula, which is washed by the waves and storms of the Atlantic Ocean.

But the traces of the old are vanishingly small in comparison with the new, the modern. The historic old town, the Cidade Vella, covers barely more than one square kilometer in the east of the peninsula. Almost everything else was razed to the ground in 1589 by the cannons of British warships under the command of a former pirate, Francis Drake.

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