What continent is Belarus in? - Where Located

What continent is Belarus in?

What continent is Belarus in?

Belarus (Belarus) is an Eastern European country divided into six regions. Belarusian and Russian are the official languages. The population is of Orthodox or Catholic faith.

Is Belarus part of Asia Or Europe?

Capital: Minsk
Area(km2): 207,600
Creation / independence: 1991
Currency: new ruble

What continent is Belarus in
What continent is Belarus in

It is in the context of the dismantling of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) that Belarus (Belarus) gains independence in 1991. A difficult economic transition is beginning for this young country which is trying to improve its situation by making a rapprochement with Russia, in 1994. Despite the adoption of democratic reforms, Belarus is ruled authoritatively by Alexander Lukashenko. Elected for the first time to the presidency in 1994, he remains the most important political figure of the country at the beginning of the twenty-first century. He won a series of victories, but his re-elections were considered by Western organizations as tainted by numerous irregularities. Several of them rank Belarus among the worst countries in terms of respect for democracy and human rights. A situation that contributes to a strong protest in the summer of 2020.

Is Belarus part of Asia Or Europe
Is Belarus part of Asia Or Europe

Is Belarus a part of Russia?
What is Belarus best known for?
What country is Belarus now?

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