What continent is Bahrain in? - Where Located

What continent is Bahrain in?

Capital: Al-Manama
Population: 707,785 (est. 2004)
Official language: classical Arabic (de jure)
Majority group: Bahraini Arab (56.5%)
Minority groups: Gulf Arabic (14.1%), Western Farsi (11.3%), urdu (4.2%), kurdish (3.5%), filipino (3.1%), Gujarati (1.6%), English (1.2%), malayalam (0.9%), standard Arabic (0.8%), tamil (0.8%), telugu (0.8%), korean (0.1%), Arabic najdi (0.1%), Mandarin Chinese (0.0%).
Colonial language: English

What continent is Bahrain in
What continent is Bahrain in

Is Bahrain part of Asia or Africa?

Bahrain, officially called the State of Bahrain, is a country made up of 33 islands near the eastern coast of the Persian Gulf. Located between the Qatar peninsula to the east and the Arabian coast to the west, Bahrain, with an area of 707 km2 of land, is really the smallest state on the Arabian Peninsula. The country (Al-Bahrayn) is named after the main island of the archipelago (562 km2), which in Arabic means “the two seas”. Since 1986, this island has been connected by a road bridge some 25 km long to Saudi Arabia (which has fully paid for the $ 1.2 billion project). The other important islands (all connected by a bridge to the island of Bahrain) are Muharraq to the northeast, Umm an Na’san to the west, Sitra to the east, to which we must add the island of Hawar to the south near Qatar. The city of Al-Manama is the capital of the state, at the same time as an international financial center. Bahrain was the first of the Gulf and Arabian Peninsula countries to exploit the oil fields. Bahrain is part of the Arab League.

Is Bahrain part of Asia or Africa
Is Bahrain part of Asia or Africa

What are the 4 border countries of Bahrain?
What countries touch Bahrain?
Why is Bahrain called?

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