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What continent is Afghanistan located on?

Afghanistan is a Central Asian country located inland, without access to the sea. The area of the Afghan territory is approximately 652,230 km2 and populated by about 32 million inhabitants. The Afghan people are mainly composed of Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazaras and Uzbeks. The largest agglomeration but also the capital of Afghanistan is Kabul and the official language in the country is Pashto with 42% of speakers, the second language with the most speakers is Tajik (24%). The telephone index in Afghanistan is 93 either 0093 or +93

What continent is Afghanistan located on?
What continent is Afghanistan located on?

What are the neighboring countries?

Afghanistan’s neighboring countries are Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China.

Population of Afghanistan

Currently the Afghan population is 38,928,346 inhabitants with an annual population growth rate of 2.34%. The birth rate in the country is 3.83% and the death rate is 1.37%. The life expectancy at birth in the country is average, i.e. 60.5 years with a fertility rate of 5.33 births per woman, which is high. The male/female ratio in the country is 105% with under 15s 103%, under 64s 104% and over 65s 87%. The people of Afghanistan are called Afghans, and the main ethnic groups in the country are Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazara, Uzbeks and others. The official language of the Afghan people is Pakthu and Dari and the minority languages are Dari, Uzbek and other languages.

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