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Where is Algiers Located


Which country is Algiers in? The country of Algeria is located in the north-west of Africa. Its neighboring countries are Mauritania, Morocco, Mali, Niger, Libya and Tunisia. To the north is the Mediterranean Sea. Algeria consists for the most part of the Sahara Desert. On the Mediterranean coast there is …

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Where is Algeria Located

Where is Algeria Located

Algeria is located in North Africa. Together with Morocco and Tunisia, it is one of the Maghreb states. “Maghreb” is Arabic and means “West”. After all, these three countries are located in the west of North Africa.

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Where is Europe Located


Europe is one of the continents of the Earth, that is, a continent. With about 10 million square kilometers, Europe is the second smallest continent. Only Australia is even smaller. However, Europe is very densely populated. Europe has 740 million inhabitants.

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Where is Tirana Located


Which country is Tirana located? The capital of Albania, Tirana, is the political, economic and cultural center of the country. The city is located on the western shore of the local mountain Dajti (1,611 m) in central Albania. A cable car ride up the mountain is possible. Tirana, founded in …

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Where is Albania Located


Albania is located on the Balkan Peninsula in the southeast of Europe. Neighboring countries are Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Greece. The country is very mountainous. The summers are hot and dry, the winter months on the coast are mild and rainy. In the mountains it is often very cold …

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Where is Asia Located


The Asian continent is divided into six regions: North Asia, Central Asia, Middle Asia, South Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia. Although the borders may vary from time to time, which is due to the fact that the classification is sometimes interpreted differently, but we use the official classification established …

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Where is Kabul Located


In which country is Kabul located? Kabul is the capital of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and has about 3.9 million inhabitants (as of 2018). It is Afghanistan’s largest city and the economic and cultural center of the country. Kabul is located near the Khyber Pass, an important link between …

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Where is Afghanistan Located


Afghanistan is located on the border of South Asia with Central Asia. Its neighbors are Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to the north, China and Pakistan to the east and south, and Iran to the west. Three quarters of the country is covered by mountains, the highest mountain is over 7,500 …

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Where is Canada Located


Where is Canada? Canada is located in North America between the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Sea. Canada’s only neighboring country is the United States of America (USA). Canada is the second largest country in the world, it is almost as big as Europe!

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Where is France Located


France has a total area of 632,834 km2. The French mainland in Europe (France Métropolitaine), which is also called hexagons (hexagon) because of its shape, covers 543,965 square kilometers. A republic in Western Europe with a long Mediterranean and Atlantic coast, Germany’s western neighbor, 547 026 km2 , 66 million …

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